Game Payment

Game Payment Technology is a joint venture between Polar Moment and the amusement and gaming machine industry trade association, bacta. Aiming to drive the amusement and gaming machine industry forward with cashless payment solutions.

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For Players

Game Payment is the easy-to-use, secure payment app, allowing you to play on gaming machines without the need for physical cash.

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For Business

Our Game Payment app allows businesses in the gaming, entertainment and amusements sector to accept electronic payments securely on gaming machines, meaning consumers can play without needing to pay by cash.

“It’s innovative, slick, so simple to connect to a machine, add your money and play. It’s easy to use, easy to understand and it’s gone out there and it’s been used – that’s the proof of the pudding."

Jason Jarrett Managing Director, AMS

“We are delighted to have the ability to provide cashless payments on our gaming machines. We’re also very excited about the age verification and social responsibility capabilities that Game Payment offers. The accuracy of this technology is far higher than any human can achieve. Providing greater safety and security to our end users is of paramount importance to us.”

Quentin Stott CEO of Reflex Gaming

“GPT was set up by bacta to develop a cashless payment app as a simple cost-effective solution for the whole amusement machine industry. Now, with the technical support from Sega, we are able to provide just that: a simple-to-fit, secure, low-cost, cashless payment option for all kinds of amusement equipment including videos, redemption, pinball etc. This will be a massive benefit for all operators.”

James Miller bacta president

“I’ve seen other cashless solutions, but I’ve always been convinced that Game Payment was the right solution for us as a company, not only because it’s backed by bacta and therefore ‘non-partisan’, but because it’s been truly developed with the player and associated protection measures at its core. We’ve not had to adjust ourselves to fit an inferior system. Instead, we’ve been able to work collaboratively and design something that works for the industry because it’s been designed by the industry.”

Chris Haley managing director at Dransfields

“After being requested by bacta to assist Game Payment Technology on a technical front, with the integration of their system and amusement games, we were only too happy to help. To be a part of such an important step for the whole industry is an honour. Once live in the marketplace, I am sure this will be a massive benefit to all concerned. Seeing the app in action brought it home just how convenient it is for the player and equally how easy it is for any operator to use. Going forward, I can quite easily see Sega, and other manufacturers, installing the hardware at production stage to support this technology.”

Justin Burke general manager at Sega

“We’re certainly seeing that cash is going by the wayside. We’re hoping more and more for contactless payments and we’ve got to find a solution to help our customers play our games. Game Payment provides that for us.”

Mike Brocklehurst Brighton Palace Pier

“GPT have been leaders in moving the amusement and gaming industry forward with cashless payment options and are leading the way once more by offering affordability checks for their land-based gaming customers. Protecting players is of upmost importance and we are proud to be supporting GPT with our affordability solution.”

Rebekah Jackson GBG Business Development Director

“Since 17th May, when most of our customers re-opened, we have seen significantly higher levels of income from equipment fitted with the Game Payment app. This technology is proving its worth and these early results give us every confidence to continue to roll-out this simple but effective alternative payment method to as many machines as possible, to maximise revenues for all our customers."

Jason Jarrett managing director at AMS