We made it happen...

Polar Moment brings unmatched capabilities, scale and experience, to serve the end-to-end needs of payments stakeholders from several of the world’s leading organisations.


Over the past 16 years, our team of payments specialists have delivered projects such as…

Wrote terminal software and performed device accreditation to provide cashless solutions in the charity sector.
Website migration and hosting for the South Lanarkshire College website.
Swedish and Nordic payment system implementation and operation for Point.
PCI DSS accreditation for MYPINPAD.
Payments consultancy for one of the UK’s most popular supermarket chains.
Investigation into the rate of incomplete payments for a leading hospitality business.
Implemented a disaster recovery solution for a leading fuel company.
DevOps resources for a software provider in the retail finance market.
Development work to enable a multinational technology company to take payments in their stores.
Design, development, installation and deployment of payment systems for Mi-Pay.
Design and build of a complete processing solution for CNP Processing in Kazakhstan.
Deployment of an AWS environment for Ransom’s unlockinglettersandsounds.co.uk domain.
Business and technical consultancy for Retail Decisions (ReD).
An insurance claim handling system for eSure.
An application with the AWS IoT SDK to run on a farm of IoT devices for Worldpay.
An AppleTV-based payments application for one of the top 3 UK acquirers.
A transport ticketing system for ITSO.
A SEPA compliant cross-border processing solution for Euronet.
A live subtitling system for Red Bee Media.
A cashless payment solution for Brighton Palace Pier.