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27th June 2023

Game Payment Technology (GPT) is a joint venture between Polar Moment and JCM Global, a world leader in transaction and payment technologies, to drive the amusement and gaming machine industry forward with cashless payment solutions.

Here are the latest updates from Game Payment, the market-leading cashless payment solution developed and operated by Polar Moment.

Game Payment cashless payments

Introducing Evgeny Shulyak:

GPT is thrilled to announce that Evgeny Shulyak, of JCM Global, will be working closely with the GPT team. In addition to his current role as a sales manager, Evgeny has taken on the position of head of business development for JCM Cashless Solutions. With extensive experience in the gaming industry and deep knowledge of payment technologies, Evgeny brings valuable insights and expertise to further propel the growth of Game Payment Technology.

Evgeny emphasises the importance of payment choice in today’s fast-paced world, stating, “By offering a secure cashless payment method, Game Payment enhances convenience and accessibility for players. We understand the significance of integrating cashless payment options alongside existing methods, providing a seamless and versatile experience for operators and players alike. Together, we will enhance the gaming experience for players and drive profitability for our customers, solidifying GPT’s position as the leading provider of secure and convenient cashless payment solutions. I look forward to forging strong partnerships and contributing to the continued success of GPT.”

Rapid Growth for GPT:

The value of monthly payments through the Game Payment app has more than doubled over the last eight months and is projected to have more than tripled over the course of a year. This growth is driven both by an increase in the amount played through each machine as well as more machines using Game Payment.

Positive Feedback on the TR-SLU Solution:

GPT’s TR-SLU solution, which allows players to use the Game Payment app for pool table transactions, has received outstanding feedback from operators. One notable feature of this solution is its ability to monitor the voltage of the batteries that release the balls. By providing real-time alerts when batteries are low, GPT ensures minimal downtime and maximises operational efficiency.

Cashless gaming

Operators have praised this functionality, emphasising how it eliminates unnecessary disruptions and enables proactive maintenance, as expressed by one satisfied operator: “That’s a great system, by the way. This will save unnecessary downtime.” Another operator stated: “It’s brilliant that this has happened, so I know to change the battery when I visit the customer on Sunday.”

Such positive responses demonstrate the tangible benefits GPT’s solutions bring to operators and players alike.