Web Development

Polar Moment develops web applications and portals to help you access the data you need quickly, reliably and accurately.

Is now the right time to migrate your business applications to the web?

We work with you throughout the development lifecycle to understand your requirements and then design and develop the appropriate solution. This may mean a web application or portal, but we will always make that decision with you and not for you. If a web application is the right answer for you, it can be hosted in your environment or through our Hosting Services and supported through our support team.

We work with a range of technologies, depending upon your requirements and any existing technology investment that you have made as an organisation. Example web applications and portals developed recently include:

  • A Grails application to provide a real-time management information dashboard.
  • A PHP portal to provide a front-end into a Learning Management System.
  • A Grails application to allow searching, visualisation and export of an archive database.
  • A Java web application to facilitate payments.
  • A custom process documentation portal, used by over 80,000 users.

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