Payment Systems Implementation

Polar Moment offers a comprehensive range of technical services: procuring, architecting, developing, configuring, testing, accrediting and implementing live payment card systems. We are expert in the leading payment software products.

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Software Development

Polar Moment know that it is difficult to develop high quality payment software at an affordable price.


Whilst outsourcing software development can appear to answer the cost issue, it often causes a range of different problems due to lack of industry knowledge, poor quality of code, as well as management and communication overheads. In response to these challenges, Polar Moment provides a low-cost payment software development service, combining our UK and Czech-based staff. We offer teams of skilled payment technicians and managers that deliver high quality software at highly competitive rates.


Our developers understand the payment card industry, the technical standards and approaches, and leading systems deployed by the major vendors. They are trained in secure coding standards and are able to work with you to deliver PA:DSS compliant solutions. We have practical experience in working with some of the world’s leading payment vendors and processors and can take full end-to-end responsibility for software delivery.

Solution Architecture

Your payment card system is business critical. To deliver true business value, it needs to be built around your individual requirements. Defining and documenting these requirements, in a language that payment card system vendors understand, can be a challenge.


At Polar Moment, we have a team of solution architects who can work with you to develop a complete and precise set of payment card solution requirements. Based on a thorough understanding of your requirements, we will work with you to define what your payment system must do, and how it will enable you to meet your business objectives. Our consultants will liaise directly with your payment system vendor, if required. We then work with you to ensure that your requirements are architected into a practical solution.


Our consultants are experienced in working with the leading payment solutions, including Postilion and Base24 from ACI Worldwide, Authentic from NCR, Tango from Lusis, and Way4 from OpenWay.

System Testing and Implementation

The effective implementation of payment card systems is critical to the success of your organisation. Payment card systems need to be secure and able to process the required transaction volumes without interruption.


To overcome the challenges faced when implementing high-volume, resilient systems, Polar Moment offers a range of services. We work on projects of widely varying scales, from straightforward, single-site implementations to some of the world’s most sophisticated active-active, multi-channel, multi-country installations.


Polar Moment specialises in the implementation of payment card systems and has considerable knowledge and expertise in this area. We are experienced in installing, configuring, testing and accrediting a broad range of applications for clients across Europe, the US and Asia. We can take full, end-to-end responsibility for your implementation project, or provide individual consultants to cover specific areas of expertise.


Polar Moment’s customers welcome our advice on test environment set up and management using both virtual and physical servers. We recommend development, test, pre-production and live environments. We are expert in the leading payment test tools, including T3 from Iliad.

Our teams have a wealth of experience in accrediting solutions, including EMV / TIP / ETEC testing using tools such as Collis/UL and scheme accreditations using the MasterCard and Visa simulators.

Our clients include three out of the four main card acquirers in the UK. You can find more of our clients below: