Mergers and Acquisitions

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When it comes to merger & acquisition activity, access to knowledgeable and impartial industry advice from experts within the sector is invaluable. Polar Moment supports both ‘buy-side’ and ‘sell-side’ organisations.

Buy-side organisations

For buy-side organisations, Polar Moment provides company, market and competitor assessments, and technical due diligence to support your merger & acquisition objectives. We help our clients to understand the strengths and weaknesses of target companies and their products and services. We usually already have a strong knowledge of your target organisations. We ensure you understand payment industry dynamics to evaluate your business plan and opportunities to ensure the proposed acquisition will align with these aims. Our consultants, all of whom have a thorough understanding of the card payments industry, can provide your organisation with the information that it needs to ensure a successful merger or acquisition.

Sell-side organisations

For sell-side organisations, Polar Moment is able to help you prepare an accurate and credible presentation of your company reflecting its value within the payments industry. We will help you understand how to shape your organisation to maximise its market value and be attractive to potential buyers looking for synergies with their businesses. Our knowledge will give you a true understanding of the payment market conditions and allow you to respond to the challenges buyers will raise during the due diligence process. We are able to review your business to separate contracts, processes, technology and HR to create a unit that can be divested smoothly.

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