System Implementation

The effective implementation of payment card systems is critical to the success of your organisation.

Payment card systems need to be secure and able to process the required transaction volumes without interruption.

To overcome the challenges faced when implementing high-volume, resilient systems, Polar Moment offers a range of services. We can provide teams of consultants experienced in implementing a broad range of solutions, from leading vendors such as ACI Worldwide, NCR, Infraxis, Lusis and The Logic Group. We work on projects of widely varying scales, from straightforward, single-site implementations to some of the world’s most sophisticated multi-channel, multi-country installations.

Polar Moment specialises in the implementation of payment card systems and has considerable knowledge and expertise in this area. We are experienced in installing, configuring and testing a broad range of applications for clients across Europe, US and Asia. We can provide full end-to-end responsibility for your implementation project, or individual consultants to cover specific areas of expertise.

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