Solution Architecture

Your payment card system is business critical. To deliver true business value, it needs to be built around your individual requirements. Defining and documenting these requirements, in a language that payment card system vendors understand, can be a challenge.

At Polar Moment, we have a team of solution architects who can work with you to develop a complete and precise set of payment card solution requirements. Based on a thorough understanding of your requirements, we will work with you to define what your payment system will do and how it will enable you to meet your business objectives. Our consultants will liaise directly with your payment system vendor, if required. We then work with you to ensure that your requirements are transformed into a workable solution. Ideally, we will also work with to the implement and test your payment card system.

Our consultants are experienced in working with the leading payment solutions, including Postilion and Base24 from ACI Worldwide, Authentic from NCR, and systems from vendors such as The Logic Group, BPC, ORSC and Infraxis. We work directly with vendors such as ACI Worldwide and NCR, as well as with their customers, to deliver high-quality payment solutions.

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