Palladium Payment Toolkit

The Palladium Payment Toolkit is a collection of software libraries that process retail card payments across all sales channels.

Polar Moment delivers the software as either a complete solution or, subject to a licencing agreement, as a collection of source code libraries. You are then free to develop them further to tailor a solution specific to your organisation. This development can be completed by your team or Polar Moment, or through combined effort.

The suite comprises:

Palladium POS

A sophisticated point of sale application providing integration between a point of sale system, PIN pad and a central switch.

The software supports EMV chip and PIN, contactless and magnetic stripe payments. It can be integrated with till systems, kiosks, vending machines and other points of sale.

Palladium Mobile

A payment application developed for mobile and tablet based solutions.

It allows a device to accept card payments. It supports Bluetooth interfaces to mobile PIN pads and provides a range of mobile specific functions such as on-screen signature capture and email / text based receipts.

Palladium Web

A specialised web payments gateway allowing processors and retailers to accept payments across the internet. It provides both hosted web-page functionality and API message style interfaces.

For software applications that need to connect to payments service providers (PSPs), Palladium Web can act as the bridge between the application and the PSP.

Card holder authentication (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode etc.) is provided via a merchant plug in. Palladium Web also interfaces to third party fraud management services.

Palladium Server

Palladium Server is a low-footprint transaction router. It receives authorisation messages in real-time from Palladium POS, Palladium Mobile and Palladium Web, applies business rules, generates messages in the right format for the acquirer or processor and routes the transactions for processing. Transactions are logged in the transaction database for the creation of settlement files, provision of management information and transaction archiving.


The Palladium Payments Toolkit was engineered to meet the requirements of PCI P2PE. Polar Moment can provide a full range of services directly or via our partners for:

  • Initial key loading for the leading PIN pads.
  • Secure storage and transport to meet the Chain of Custody requirements.
  • Key injection and maintenance.

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